Saturday, 8 July 2017

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Hi, NRI's facing harassment by their disgruntled wives look for NRI MEN CELL IN INDIA however there are no such cells operational in India. Then where do NRI go asking information when his wife files a false case on him.


Yes, a big question mark comes to the mind because if there are no cells for men in India then what's the use of Human Rights and Articles of Constitution stressing equality.

Here it is seen that some guys like atur chatur from are working day and night for the benefit of non resident indians learn fighting tactics to handle these false cases so that they do not have to leave their career and come to India for fighting these false cases for which they have tonnes of evidences.

The first step in this direction may be to protection of nri from arbitrary arrest but some men rights organizations misguide the NRI QUASH of false cases and prevent them from fighting their cases in right manner as mostly these so called men rights organizations from India are themselves not aware as to how these false cases are fought as they do NOT have the experience of that level as is possessed by Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir, here, just RTI on police for your rights may NOT solve the problem as its not only the police which may take away your human rights but even the court may at least unintentionally take away your human rights.


Just remember that, Human Rights are NOT violated only when someone takes away the clothes and cut the genitals but human rights are violated even if you being an innocent husband who is merely an accused or respondent is called to the court on a Holiday. Since, you are NOT caught in such a heinous crime and immediately decidable crime for which there is urgency to handle your matter on a Court Holiday then that's the Violation of your Human Rights. If you understand this human right of yours then YOU ARE THE SELF STARTER and you kow how to fight your case but remember that, this human rights violation needs to be addressed to relevant authorities so that in-house mechanism is invoked against the court or against the court staff which violates your human rights.

Atur Chatur is available at his email id round the clock i.e., 24 hours/ 7 days a week/ 365 days in an year to suggest the NRI victims of false cases to get expert help.

Like there is no men cell in India, similarly, there is still not there any men cell in delhi


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