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NRI MEN CELL 9873540498

Hi, NRI's facing harassment by their disgruntled wives look for NRI MEN CELL IN INDIA however there are no such cells operational in India. Then where do NRI go asking information when his wife files a false case on him.


Yes, a big question mark comes to the mind because if there are no cells for men in India then what's the use of Human Rights and Articles of Constitution stressing equality.

Here it is seen that some guys like atur chatur from are working day and night for the benefit of non resident indians learn fighting tactics to handle these false cases so that they do not have to leave their career and come to India for fighting these false cases for which they have tonnes of evidences.

The first step in this direction may be to protection of nri from arbitrary arrest but some men rights organizations misguide the NRI QUASH of false cases and prevent them from fighting their cases in right manner as mostly these so called men rights organizations from India are themselves not aware as to how these false cases are fought as they do NOT have the experience of that level as is possessed by Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir, here, just RTI on police for your rights may NOT solve the problem as its not only the police which may take away your human rights but even the court may at least unintentionally take away your human rights.


Just remember that, Human Rights are NOT violated only when someone takes away the clothes and cut the genitals but human rights are violated even if you being an innocent husband who is merely an accused or respondent is called to the court on a Holiday. Since, you are NOT caught in such a heinous crime and immediately decidable crime for which there is urgency to handle your matter on a Court Holiday then that's the Violation of your Human Rights. If you understand this human right of yours then YOU ARE THE SELF STARTER and you kow how to fight your case but remember that, this human rights violation needs to be addressed to relevant authorities so that in-house mechanism is invoked against the court or against the court staff which violates your human rights.

Atur Chatur is available at his email id round the clock i.e., 24 hours/ 7 days a week/ 365 days in an year to suggest the NRI victims of false cases to get expert help.

Like there is no men cell in India, similarly, there is still not there any men cell in delhi


अगर आपकी पत्नी आपको परेशान करती है या आप के ऊपर झूठी PoliceComplaint या FIR करती है या आप की पत्नी आप के खिलाफ झूठा CourtCase या झूठा MAINTENANCE का CourtCase करती है तो कृपया कर के पर सम्पर्क करें


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It's Not-Government Organisation


  1. I am NRI Abbas Borra FROM Binoya Ganj in Pilani.
    I am new victim of false 498a and being a NRI, I am the soft target of legal extortion and I want help from NRI MEN CELL in India/
    i WANT to know is there any man cell for non resident indians in india.
    or, is there a cell working for the benefit of men in India.
    Non Resident Indian Men Cell is what I am looking for.
    Please contact me as the matter is currently in Women Cell.

    Abbas Borra, Pilani

    1. Borra, I have found a good link for you to close a false CAW Cell Complaint for non resident indians husbands. You may check

  2. Mukund Rehman Bal29 January 2019 at 01:44

    I am Mukund Rehman Bal from Gandhi Nagar's Cyber City in India
    I am currently in USA and my wife has filed a false 498a ipc FIR against me in India.
    I want help from NRI MEN CELL
    Please contact me at:-

    Mukund Rehman Bal, NRI from UK

  3. I am a Non Resident Indian and my wife married me just for NRI status and foreign citizenship and within less than two months she went back to India from USA and immediately filed caw cell complaint but before she could have fled to India and filed 498a, I came in touch of atur chatur from

    These guys from men cell delhi's team at guided me in knowing tactics to close a false CAW Cell complaint before the wife reaches India and files a CAW.

    I exactly followed these strategies and I am happy to have used such service

    The complaint of my wife turned into FIR and the FIR turned into a B Report in just 5 months of my wife leaving for India.

    This was such a nice service for the NRI's because when my wife staretd harassing me I started looking for NRI MEN CELL IN INDIA and came across

    and while searching for some similar helpline in Delhi, I found and came in contact of atur chatur sir from Delhi. and that was a turning point in my life because this was my second marriage after painful first divorce but this NRI service by these experts from Delhi was really helpful hence highly recommended.

    Amit Tandon, USA based Non Resident Indian

  4. Men Cell in Delhi is the one stop solution if you are looking for Men's helpline in Delhi or Man Cell in Delhi or a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    When someone gets a false FIR u/s 498a ipc registered by his wife, then, first thing that comes to the mind is helpline for harassed husbands in India or men's rights activists delhi i.e., where a harassed husband may file complaint against the wife in delhi.

    The complaint letter against wife in Delhi may be suggested by men cell in delhi in the form of man cell in south delhi, man cell in rohini or man cell delhi contact number.

    Similarly, if a Non Resident Indian boy married in India or marries a girl from Delhi and she files subsequently a false complaint with women cell in Delhi i.e., at Crime Against Women Cell in Delhi which is also known as CAW Cell Delhi then the NRI husband may start looking for NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI or a NRI HELPLINE IN USA/ UK or simply a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    Since the male harassment cases in India especially in Delhi are on a rise and therefore Delhi may not be just called only as a rape capital but also a false 498a harassment capital and therefore harassed husbands helpline in Delhi may lead you to man cell in delhi or you may check for male harassment in India statistics by way of save indian family of delhi helpline numbers in delhi or simply men's right whatasapp group in Delhi

    At Man Cell Delhi we provide the men with atur chatur counselling in which guidance is provided regarding how to file false cases. Also RTI , dp3, extortion, perjury, malicious prosecution, crpc 91, 21-b etc type fighting tactics are guided to you so that you can fight the false cases on you & your family at your own.

    mobile :- +91-9873540498
    free ebook:-

  5. At Man Cell Delhi fighting tactics are guided to the victims of false 498a by wife.

    Men Cell in Delhi may suggest you strategies as to how to close a false 498a ipc FIR by following legal procedure for cancellation of FIR.

    mobile :- +91-9873540498

  6. I am NRI in USA. My wife left US on pretext of attending her cousin's marriage in Delhi but actually she was having an affair before marriage with her schoolmate who is now a lawyer in Rajasthan. She has got fake domicile prepared at Alwar Rajasthan and registered 498a against me directly without sending me any notice or whatsapp or email of any kind. Is this contempt of supreme court. I need SC Judgment from NRI MEN CELL and also tell me if non resident Indian's helpline for men's in Delhi do have some MRA i.e., men rights activists who can help me file RTI on their behalf as it will be costly to file RTI from abroad due to high postage charges, Please send me address of nri man cell in delhi and also contact number or helpline of delhi men cell for nris like me. Thanks

  7. nri men cell is the need of the hour due to huge influx of false caw cell complaints by wife in India against their NRI husbands from USA, Canada, Gulf, UK, Europe etc. non resident Indian husband may take steps to learn ways to nullify the false caw complaint of wife and video conferencing may be used for thy purpose. if done correctly then FIR can not be registered in matters of false caw complaint by wife in the crime against women cell in delhi.

  8. the only helpline dealing with non resident husbands issues is none other than aturchatur's mencell in delhi so what are you waiting for, go contact the mencell at the helpline number of delhi's men cell so that you no longer have to look any further for the national mens aayog

  9. PART 1:-
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    Delhi Men Cell

  10. PART 2:-
    Be Silent. Let your mind work. Discuss your evidences with us on our email id given below.

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    The answer to all your queries is :- MEN CELL | MAN CELL | PURUSH AAYOG by reserving your time with aturchatur for phone consultation.

    Sometimes back, a boy asked us,
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    If you are in Delhi then visit:-
    Delhi Men Cell

  11. I am thankful for your service as when I was looking for false complaint in caw cell and how to close false caw cell complaint by the wife, then only you guys listened to me patiently and helped me without asking for any power of attorney or vakalatnama (both of which are equally harmful). My brother is now out of the troubled marriage with his wife after settlement was arrived at crime against women cell with your expertise from delhi based men cell's address which I reached you on auto, after my non resident indian brother got stuck with false 498a bug. mens cell delhi thanks you again

  12. I am looking for helpline to get me my PCC cleared while 498a, crpc 125 and DV is ON in India. Is it the right helpline for NRI husbands in India? Please help me

  13. Ram Mathur New Zealand NRI7 June 2022 at 22:33

    I need your help for PCC issue in India so that I can go back to NZ as my passport has been seized by police in Delhi. Help me Quash of FIR against NRI. Thanks. Ram NZ NRI from Vasant Vihar South Delhi

  14. Shreshth Gayakvad8 June 2022 at 04:54

    LTR helped me close false 498a. Thanks for the help sir.

  15. Hira Bhattacharya NRI8 June 2022 at 12:42

    I want address mobile phone number contact details of non resident indian men cell in delhi and also give me us nri whatsapp group if that is of some use and earlier whatsapp groups in usa and india cheated me and have almost destroyed my case merits. i also need urgent assistance from atur chatur.

  16. Prakash Heravdakar9 June 2022 at 02:56

    I am NRI businessman having PR is USA which is going to be finalized very soon. I do not want my wife to create issues at immigration and citizenship here in USA, How can I stop her in indulging in such defamatory & tortuous activities? please help me